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What is Miranda Cut Out Maxi Dress

The Miranda Cut Out Maxi Dress from SUPRÉ is the epitome of elegance and style. Designed for formal occasions, this dress features a beautiful cut-out detail that adds a touch of allure and sophistication. The timeless black color is versatile and flattering on all skin tones. The maxi length adds a glamorous touch, while the flowing silhouette creates a fluid and feminine look. The high-quality fabric ensures comfort and breathability, allowing you to dance the night away with ease. Pair it with your favorite accessories and heels to complete the perfect formal ensemble. Available in various sizes, this dress is a must-have for any fashion-forward woman's wardrobe.

Product Details

Made by Supre

Price: $90.00

Maxi fitted dress Cut outs at waist hem split

Miranda Cut Out Maxi Dress FAQ

Q: What is the style of the Miranda Cut Out Maxi Dress?

A: The Miranda Cut Out Maxi Dress is a stylish formal dress that features a cut-out design. It is perfect for attending special occasions or formal events.

Q: What is the length of the dress?

A: This maxi dress has a floor-length design, which means it falls all the way to the ground. It creates an elegant and flattering silhouette.

Q: What are the available colors for this dress?

A: The Miranda Cut Out Maxi Dress is available in Color 8182568-02. Please refer to the product link for more details on the specific shade and color options.

Q: Is this dress suitable for a formal dress code?

A: Absolutely! The Miranda Cut Out Maxi Dress is categorized under formal dresses and is designed to be worn to formal events. Its sophisticated style and cut-out details will make you stand out in any formal setting.

Q: What is the recommended size guide for this dress?

A: It is important to refer to the size guide provided on the product page. It will help you determine the best size for you based on your measurements. Ensure a perfect fit by following the size guide before making a purchase.

Q: Can the cut-out design be adjusted or customized?

A: The cut-out design of the Miranda Cut Out Maxi Dress is fixed and cannot be adjusted or customized. The dress is crafted with precision to create an attractive and unique look. The cut-out details add a touch of modernity to the overall design.

Q: What kind of fabric is used in this dress?

A: The specific fabric composition for the Miranda Cut Out Maxi Dress is not mentioned on the provided product link. However, it is advisable to check the product description for information regarding the fabric used, as it plays an essential role in determining the comfort and durability of the dress.

Q: How should I care for and clean this dress?

A: To ensure the longevity of the Miranda Cut Out Maxi Dress, it is recommended to follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer. Generally, formal dresses require delicate handling and may need to be dry cleaned or hand washed to maintain their appearance.

About Supre

Supre is an online fashion brand that offers a wide range of trendy and affordable clothing and accessories for women. With a focus on empowering young women and helping them express their individual style, Supre has become a popular destination for fashion-forward shoppers.

From stylish tops and dresses to comfortable loungewear and activewear, Supre offers a variety of fashionable options to suit different occasions and personal styles. They constantly update their collection to stay on top of the latest trends, ensuring that customers have access to the most up-to-date fashion pieces.

In addition to their product range and quality, Supre focuses on providing a seamless and convenient shopping experience for customers. Their user-friendly website allows users to easily browse through their collection, find their desired items, and make secure purchases. They also offer various payment options and provide fast and reliable shipping, ensuring that customers receive their orders promptly.

They have a dedicated customer support team that is readily available to address any queries or concerns. Whether it's sizing, returns, or general inquiries, Supre strives to provide excellent customer service and ensure a positive shopping experience.

Supre FAQ

Q: What is Supré?

A: Supré is a popular fashion brand based in Australia that offers a wide range of trendy clothing for women. They specialize in providing affordable and fashionable dresses, especially in the categories of Mini, Midi, Maxi, Casual, and Formal dresses.

Q: Can you tell me more about Supré's dresses?

A: Certainly! Supré offers a diverse selection of dresses that suit various occasions and personal styles. Whether you're looking for a chic mini dress for a night out, a comfortable midi dress for everyday wear, an elegant maxi dress for a special event, or a versatile casual or formal dress, Supré has got you covered.

Q: What makes Supré's dresses unique?

A: Supré's dresses stand out for their trendy designs, quality materials, and affordable prices. The brand constantly keeps up with the latest fashion trends and ensures their dresses reflect current styles. Additionally, Supré understands the need for comfortable and durable clothing, so you can expect their dresses to be made from high-quality fabrics that are both fashionable and long-lasting.

Q: Are Supré dresses suitable for all body types?

A: Absolutely! Supré believes in inclusivity and offers dresses that cater to various body types. Their extensive size range ensures that women of all shapes and sizes can find dresses that fit them perfectly and make them feel confident and beautiful.

Q: How can I shop for Supré dresses?

A: Shopping for Supré dresses is easy and convenient. You can either visit their physical stores located across Australia or explore their extensive online store at supre.com.au. Online shopping allows you to browse their entire collection, compare styles and prices, and place an order from the comfort of your own home.

Q: Does Supré offer international shipping?

A: Yes, Supré offers international shipping, allowing customers from around the world to enjoy their fashionable dresses. Simply select your country during the checkout process, and Supré will deliver the dresses directly to your doorstep.

Q: Can I return or exchange a dress if it doesn't fit or meet my expectations?

A: Of course! Supré understands that sometimes a dress may not be the perfect fit or meet your expectations. They offer a hassle-free returns and exchange policy within 30 days of purchase. You can either return the dress to a physical store or arrange for a return through their online process.

Q: How do I know which size is right for me?

A: Supré provides a handy size guide on their website, which helps you determine the correct size for each dress. The guide includes detailed measurements to ensure you find the perfect fit. If you're unsure or in between sizes, it's always a good idea to consult the size guide or reach out to Supré's customer service for further assistance.

Q: Can I find dresses for special occasions like weddings or parties at Supré?

A: Absolutely! Supré offers a range of formal dresses that are perfect for weddings, parties, or any special occasion where you want to dress elegantly. Their formal dresses showcase sophistication and style, so you can look your best for those memorable events.

Q: What can I expect in terms of pricing for Supré dresses?

A: Supré is known for its affordable fashion, and their dresses are attractively priced without compromising on quality. While prices vary depending on the style and fabric, you'll find that Supré offers great value for trendy and durable dresses.

Q: Can I find matching accessories or shoes to complement my Supré dress?

A: Definitely! Supré understands the importance of completing an outfit, so they also offer a range of fashion accessories and shoes. Whether you're looking for a stylish handbag, statement jewelry, or trendy footwear, Supré has the perfect additions to complete your look.

Q: Does Supré offer any discounts or promotions on their dresses?

A: Yes, Supré frequently runs promotions and offers discounts on their dresses and other products. By subscribing to their newsletter or following them on social media, you can stay updated on the latest offers and grab some fantastic deals.

Q: Can I find sustainable dresses at Supré?

A: Yes, Supré has a commitment to sustainability and offers a range of sustainable dresses as part of their Supre Foundation Collection. These dresses are made from eco-friendly materials and ethically sourced. By choosing these options, you can contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry.

Q: Are Supré dresses suitable for all age groups?

A: Supré caters primarily to the trendy and fashion-conscious women, typically aged 16-30. However, their dresses often have versatile designs that can appeal to a broader age range. Whether you're a teenager, young adult, or even a more mature woman, there's a high chance you'll find a dress that suits your style at Supré.

Q: Can I find plus-size dresses at Supré?

A: Yes, Supré recognizes the need for inclusivity and offers a range of plus-size dresses. They believe that fashion should be accessible to all, regardless of body size, and strive to provide trendy options in extended sizes to ensure every woman feels comfortable and confident in their dresses.

Q: What is Supré's sustainability initiative?

A: Supré is committed to reducing their environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices. They have implemented various sustainability initiatives, such as using environmentally friendly materials, reducing waste, and supporting ethical manufacturing processes. You can learn more about their sustainability efforts on their website.

Q: Can I find trendy casual dresses at Supré?

A: Absolutely! Supré is well-known for its casual dresses that are perfect for everyday wear. Their range includes comfortable and stylish options such as t-shirt dresses, summer dresses, and casual midi dresses. These dresses are designed to be versatile, allowing you to effortlessly transition from day to night with just a few accessories.

Q: What are some popular dress styles at Supré?

A: Supré offers an ever-evolving collection of dress styles, but some popular choices include bodycon dresses, wrap dresses, slip dresses, off-the-shoulder dresses, and skater dresses. These styles are known for their

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