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What is Nippies Skins Reusable Adhesive Nipple Covers - Cream

Introducing the Nippies Skins Reusable Adhesive Nipple Covers in cream, the perfect solution for a seamless and invisible look under any outfit. These nipple covers provide optimal coverage and support, ensuring you feel confident and comfortable throughout the day. With their skin-friendly adhesive, they securely stick to your skin and stay in place, allowing you to dance, move, and stay active without worry. The cream color blends seamlessly with your skin tone, giving you a natural and discreet appearance. Made from ultra-soft, high-quality materials, these reusable nipple covers are gentle on your skin and can be easily cleaned and reused. Say goodbye to unsightly bra lines and embrace a flawless, natural look with Nippies Skins Reusable Adhesive Nipple Covers.

Product Details

Made by Petal and Pup

Price: $29.00

each pack includes: 1 pair of reusable silicon nipple covers 1 pair of protective trays and sheets, and storage case skin safe, signature invisifeel silicone light reflection shield size 1 is designed to fit A-C cups size 2 is the best choice for cups D+ material - 100% medical grade silicone

Nippies Skins Reusable Adhesive Nipple Covers - Cream FAQ

Q: What are Nippies Skins Reusable Adhesive Nipple Covers?

A: Nippies Skins Reusable Adhesive Nipple Covers are innovative and convenient accessories designed to provide discreet coverage and protection for your nipples. Made from premium silicone, these nipple covers are reusable and feature a skin-friendly adhesive backing that adheres securely to the skin.

Q: How do I use these nipple covers?

A: Using Nippies Skins is easy. Simply peel off the backing, carefully align the covers over your nipples, and press them onto your skin. Make sure to smooth out any wrinkles or air bubbles to ensure a seamless appearance. These covers are ideal for wearing under thin or sheer tops, dresses, swimwear, or any outfit where you want to avoid showing your nipples.

Q: Are these nipple covers comfortable to wear?

A: Yes, Nippies Skins are designed with comfort in mind. The silicone material is soft and flexible, conforming to your body for a natural and comfortable fit. The adhesive used is hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin, minimizing any irritation or discomfort.

Q: Can I wear these nipple covers multiple times?

A: Absolutely! These nipple covers are reusable and can be worn multiple times. To ensure longevity and maximum adhesion, it is important to clean them properly after each use. Simply wash them with mild soap and water, let them air dry, and place them back onto the protective backing for storage.

Q: Do these nipple covers come in different colors?

A: Yes, these Nippies Skins Reusable Adhesive Nipple Covers are available in the color "cream." This neutral shade blends well with most skin tones, providing a seamless and discreet appearance.

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